Our commitment

YES essential oils, but QUALITY!

Real biochemical signature of the oil, the "chemotype" characterizes its composition in active substances. Also, to use an essential oil safely, it is essential that it is botanically and biochemically defined (or chemotyped).

Moreover, only an essential oil obtained by steam distillation of water (or cold expression of peel, in the case of citrus) is of good quality, 100% pure and natural.

Among the forces OLIOSEPTIL®: The patented capsules L-Vcaps® for convenient, efficient and safe.

The OLIOSEPTIL® capsules are the first range of essential oils micro-emulsified in capsules, benefiting from the patented L-Vcaps®.

100% vegetable, gastrointestinal retardant, capsules L-Vcaps® possible to maintain the highest quality essential oils to mask the taste, and promote optimal assimilation.

The product range OLIOSEPTIL®, INELDEA Laboratories are manufactured in France under Quality Assurance according to the regulations. Laboratories receive the ISO 22000 certification.