Our history

Nature in her wisdom in everything, including how to fight against some germs respecting the land of the individual and limiting resistors.

At a time when the seeds are becoming increasingly resistant, essential oils have natural anti-infective properties, they help limit the ailments of everyday life.

Essential oils release all their power!

liquid extract volatile, aromatic, they are obtained in a traditional manner from a plant, it concentrates the active.

The essential oil is somehow the essence of the plant, a super concentrated!

Used for millennia they constitute a real alternative, by acting positively on maintaining the microbial balance of the organs and tissues, and participating in the functioning of the respiratory, digestive or immune.

Highly concentrated in active ingredients, essential oils are not without danger. Many of them may be irritating to the skin and contain allergens. Some can be toxic in high doses, all does not diffuse or do not apply on the skin ...

This is why aromatherapy uses real expertise.

To facilitate its use, but especially to enjoy their amazing benefits, INELDEA Laboratories have developed OLIOSEPTIL® first range of essential oils micro-emulsified vegetable capsules L-Vcaps, whose manufacturing process is patented.

L-Vcaps capsules are entirely of plant origin.

They help maintain the highest quality essential oils to mask the taste of carefully release essential oils for perfect bioavailability.

OLIOSEPTIL® the capsules are intended to participate in the consolidation of the body and its functions (respiratory, digestive, immune ...), thanks to the complex of essential oils they contain: Nose-Throat, Sinus, Bronchial, Urinary tract, Gastro-Intestinal.

This dosage form allows convenient use and safety dosage and combination of essential oils.

In addition, all essential oils used in OLIOSEPTIL® range are 100% pure and natural and chemotyped. It is a practical and safe range.