Natural Defenses

Natural Defenses  


Essential oils have the option to limit the proliferation of germs, leaving it to the body to stay active, to participate in his defense.

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  • Helps against colds and cleanse the digestive tract

    Grapefruit Seed Extract synergized 800 mg * Grapefruit extract titrated bioflavonoids. * 800 mg of active extracts of Caraway, Lemon, Gentian. The + Product: All essential oils used in the composition of the range OLIOSEPTIL® INELDEA laboratories are 100% pure and natural, botanically defined and chemotyped.

    14,41 €
  • Helps maintain the natural defenses

    Participates in the physiological body resistance Stimulates the natural defenses Helps fight colds The + Product: PATENTED TECHNOLOGY L-Vcaps®: The patented vegetable capsules L-Vcaps® promote the preservation and assimilation of essential oils for optimum efficiency.

    12,51 €
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